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Cost planning

Cost planning is vital, and the smart starting point for any successful project. Our cost plans evolve through stages of refinement, from a preliminary indication through to a market-tested cost plan.

We kick off with a comprehensive discussion with stakeholders to tease out the implications of their vision. This allows us to agree the optimum balance between different, and at times, competing objectives. Then we can make well thought through recommendations about designs and specifications, providing the level of certainty on which you can confidently base your investment decisions.
We draw on our wealth of experience and our database of cost information, which allows us to predict consistently, thoroughly, and accurately, and to make well informed predictions.
Our clients especially benefit from benchmarking comparisons between proposed and similar buildings within a market sector. Our research can also compare value outcomes in a variety of dimensions, including speed of construction; net/gross floor area efficiencies; specific studies on, for example, steel versus concrete frame cost;, and the costs of different procurement methods.
Through an emphasis on value-based thinking, and drawing on our value and risk management expertise, we are able to help clients and their teams make rational and informed decisions at the outset.